Shia LaBeouf To Have Real Sex In ‘Nymphomaniac’

Shia LaBeouf To Have Real Sex In 'Nymphomaniac'
If you really have been aching to see “Transformers” actor Shia LaBeouf in the buff, you can always watch the Sigur Ros video for “Fjogur Piano”. After his part in that video, you can watch him do the nasty in Lars von Trier’s new movie “Nymphomaniac”.
According to reports, the actor will shoot a real sex scene in the upcoming movie, which also stars Charlotte Gainsbourg and Nicole Kidman. It’s not going to be a porn flick, either. After a reporter asked Shia about the “real sex scene”, he replied, “It is what you think it is. There’s a disclaimer at the top of the script that basically says, we’re doing everything for real. And anything that is illegal will be shot in blurred images, but other than that, everything is happening.”
The movie, “Nymphomaniac”, will be split into two separate movies, one softer version, while the other will be more explicit. A couple of days after Shia made the announcement that he would do whatever is asked with regard to the movie, he and his girlfriend Karolyn Pho were seen arguing on the streets of Los Angeles. Despite their argument, she said that it had nothing to do with his work on the upcoming film project. She said, “It’s none of anybody’s business. Everything is fine with us. It was nothing affiliated with his movie. We’re normal people who have normal lives.”
Is “Nymphomaniac” something that you’re going to watch? We thought the storyline in the Sigur Ros video was decent and the acting was even better. Did you?