Jackie Evancho’s Star Rises In Hollywood

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Jackie Evancho first got everyone’s attention as the pint-sized singer with the big, classical voice on the fifth season of America’s Got Talent in 2010. Now the 12-year-old – who has the distinction of being the youngest top-10 debut artist in U.S. history and the youngest solo artist ever to go platinum – is heading to the big screen to play Robert Redford’s daughter in his next film The Company You Keep.
In an exclusive interview Celebrity Teen Scoop chatted with Jackie and got the latest buzz on her exciting new acting career, her upcoming album ‘Songs From The Silver Screen’ and which Nickelodeon star this tween is dying to meet (it’ll surprise you.)
Celebrity Teen Scoop: Congratulations on your upcoming album, ‘Songs From The Silver Screen’, that features movie tunes. Tell us a little bit about it.
Jackie: I was first inspired to sing by a song from a movie – Phantom Of The Opera. So I thought it would be a good idea to make an album of songs from films. There are some old movie songs and some that are newer. From those songs I think there’s at least one song for everybody. I think this album will take people on a journey
CTS: Are you a big movie fan? What are some of your favorite movies?
Jackie: I still watch Phantom Of The Opera a lot – I LOVE IT! I watch all types of films, from horror to comedy!
CTS: You got your big break on America’s Got Talent. Tell us what that experience was like.
Jackie: It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun doing the show. I met a lot of nice people there that I still stay in touch with. I’m very grateful to America’s Got Talent and the judges because that’s what gave me my big break
CTS: You have a part in Robert Redford’s upcoming film The Company You Keep. Tell us how that came about.
Jackie: Robert Redford saw me singing on TV and contacted my manager to see if I could be in the film. A week later I was on set shooting! It happened very fast.
CTS: Was this your first experience as an actress?
Jackie: As a professional actress, yes. When I was younger my brother and I were in a local production of High School Musical and A Christmas Carol.
CTS: Would you like to continue acting in the future?
Jackie: Yes, I loved it and would like to do more.
CTS: Do you ever get stage fright? If so, what do you do to get over it?
Jackie: I don’t get stage fright but I do get a little nervous before I go on stage. When that happens I say to myself, “Jackie, you can do this!” and then I say a little prayer. :)
CTS: Besides singing, what other hobbies do you have?
Jackie: Playing with my brothers, sister and friends is my biggest pasttime! I like swimming, sewing, drawing, writing poems, etc.
CTS: You’ve found fame at such a young age – what advice can you give to young people your age who have dreams of stardom?
Jackie: I’ve said this before, but the best advice I can give is to always follow your dreams! Your dreams won’t just happen, though, you have to work hard at accomplishing them.
CTS: What celebrity/celebrities do you want to meet that you haven’t met yet?
Jackie: There are so many I would like to meet, but one that comes to mind right now is George Lopez! I watch his show on Nickelodeon [Lopez' show runs in syndication on Nick At Nite] and I think he is really funny. I saw him in the audience when I sang on Dancing With The Stars but we didn’t get to meet.
CTS: How do you balance school, your career, friends and family life?
Jackie: My parents are very strict about this. They create a balance between working/singing and being home. The longest they allow me to be away is normally a week, and when I do travel besides having a parent with me I usually have one of my brothers or sister there, too, so that it doesn’t get boring for me waiting to do my shows. When it’s not the summer I study every day as my schooling is important.