Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux could elope

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have been engaged for about a week and speculation about their upcoming wedding has already began. Will they have a huge, fancy wedding or will the couple decide to elope? Well, PEOPLE Magazine reported that it wouldn't be out of the question for the couple to elope. In fact, some of their friends say that they wouldn't be surprised at all.
Since Aniston and Theroux are so low-key, eloping would be something right up their alley. They could just run away together which is kind of romantic—and so them. Jen has already had the "big wedding" and Justin seems happy just knowing that Jen said "yes."
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux may decide to have a small ceremony, perhaps on a beach, in front of their family and closest friends. It seems clear that they don't want to make a spectacle of themselves and they definitely aren't interested in fighting the paparazzi away... but they may decide that they want something intimate but still involving their families—especially because this is Justin's first marriage.
Jen and Justin probably won't be too forthcoming with their plans. In fact, they haven't even made a statement about their engagement and the public hasn't even gotten a glimpse of Jen's ring! However, the media has ways of finding out the details... so in time, things will begin to leak.
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux could get married by the end of the year and some say that they want to settle down and start a family.